Digital X-Rays - The Art and Science of Healthy Smiles

One of the greatest benefits of digital x-rays is the computer generated instant image which provides early diagnosis and allows discussion of results in the same session. The crystal clear digital images are sent electronically to the computer and appear quickly on the screen.

Our dental digital x-ray system affords early detection of dental problems at a much speedier rate than regular x-rays. Another advantage with digital x-rays is that it allows focusing on a single tooth, rotating and sharpening the view, offering better diagnosis. Digital x-rays also produce less radiation than conventional x-rays considerably reducing your exposure and making your visit safer than ever before.

We find the digital x-rays help to detect decay and other problems in the very early stages, saving time and money as well as avoiding unnecessary discomfort. Together we will review the results, address your dental problems and discuss solutions and treatment options that are the most appropriate to improve the condition of your teeth.

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