Partial Dentures - The Art and Science of Healthy Smiles

Partial dentures are often used to replace teeth that may have been affected by advanced periodontal disease, decay or other problems. Removing diseased teeth is often the best way to eliminate infection and restore the gums and supporting bone to a healthy condition. Before the teeth are extracted, impressions of your upper and lower jaws are taken then precise models are made from these impressions by a dental laboratory and the final partial denture is fitted to your remaining natural teeth.

Once teeth are missing or have been removed, partial dentures may be necessary to keep facial muscles and lips from sagging. This support allows you to speak clearly and look your best. When properly manufactured and fitted the dentures work efficiently with your other teeth, partial dentures offer a cost-effective method to aesthetically fill spaces, maintain normal chewing ability, prevent the shifting of existing teeth and help maintain your facial structure.

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